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Goa water Sports

Goa has a number of popular beaches and vast coastline. This makes it the ideal place to try adventure water sports. Your holiday becomes not only relaxing but thrilling too! The facilities provided are at par with international standards and norms. Mostly, instructors accompany you for these watersports . So get set to taste real thrill and adventure in Goa !

Goa Water Sports

Jet Skiing
One of the most adventurous water sports in Goa is Jet Skiing. The sport is one of the most popular in Goa and many tourists try this sport to set their adrenalin rushing. Jet skiing requires a jet powered water scooter that are accelerated by a powerful engine. The Jet Ski equipment in Goa has a power of 100-135 horsepower.


Parasailing is a much sought after sport in Goa. People who love to soar high like a bird and have a bird's eye view of the coastline and the vast sea should try the parasailing sport. Para sailing is also known by the name of Para Ascending and is sure to set your pulses racing when you try it.


Water Skiing
For those who love to feel the ocean waves splashing across their face while rushing through water, the water skiing sport is just the right option for you. In Goa, you can experience a sense of adventure and thrill by trying out the water skiing sport. With plenty of beaches and more or less calm seas, there shouldn't be a reason as to why you should no try water skiing here.


Wind Surfing
Wind surfing is a very popular sport of Goa and must be tried when you visit this place. A unique combination of sailing and surfing, wind surfing sport is a sport that is sure to set your pulses racing. It can indeed be an elating experience for a person who has learnt the perfect nuances of this water sport.


Dinghy Sailing
Dinghy sailing is popular water sport in Goa. It is almost like wind surfing sport, but it does not require as much efforts as is required in wind surfing. The dinghies are usually 15 feet in length and can accommodate 3 people. The best months to try this sport are from October to April.

Banana Boat Ride
Funny as the name suggests, the Banana and Ringo rides have caught the imagination of tourists and enthusiasts worldwide and are proving to be a star attraction at many beaches in Goa. Almost all major beaches have operators who cater for these rides.

The Banana rides can be availed by the entire family where the aim is to ride a giant sized inflated banana and try and maintain its orientation while sailing through the choppy waves. Sounds easy, but beware of the fights which may ensue after a free fall in water.

The Ringo rides are for individuals riding in inflated rings which are left adrift in the waters. The twists, twirls and bottoms up are sure to chill the hardcore and leave them asking for more.

Dolphin trip
Dolphin watching trips are on offer from many local boat owners on many stretches of Goa's beaches. The actual trip consists of a brief glance of a rather timid than playful creature, and to get a photograph you have to be more lucky than skillful. Take a Fishing Boat Trip and watch the dolphins feeding in the early morning as watching these graceful creatures in their natural habitat is a great delight. One can also take a trip up the river to see the crocodiles in the back waters and mangrove swamps.

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